Credit Willingness Recognition

This service is primarily used to identify the credit willingness of users; the higher the score, the stronger the credit willingness. It is recommended to use it before marketing campaigns to filter out users with high marketing willingness, thereby enhancing marketing effectiveness and reducing marketing investment.

API Format

Base URL


URLHTTP Methodrequest Content Typeresponse Content TypeCharset


partner_codeStringPartner codeyesProvided by TrustDecision
partner_keyStringPartner keyyesProvided by TrustDecision

Basic Parameter(s)

event_time StringThe specific time of the event occursRequiredComply with the ISO 8601 standard;
Format: yyyy-mm-ddthh: mm: ss.sssz, for example, 2021-10-12T14: 20: 50.521+07: 00
order_idStringCustomer-side Business Transaction NumberOptionalUp to 200 characters long
product_id Stringproduct_idRequiredEnumeration:
policy_idStringpolicy_idOptionalProvided by TrustDecision,can be empty
countryStringcountryRequired2-letter country code according to ISO 3166,currently only supports Indonesia (ID).
phone_numberStringphone_numberConditionally requiredDo not include the "+" sign or /(); Indonesian phone numbers start with "08".
Confirm with TD before interfacing
gaidStringGoogle Ad IDConditionally requiredConfirm with TD before interfacing
extobjectExtended FieldOptional

Response Parameter(s)

codeIntegerAPI status codeRequiredThe status code
messageStringstatus informationConditionally requiredIn the API exception state, the specific exception reason will be output.
order_idStringCustomer-side Business Transaction NumberOptionalConsistent with the input parameters, used for analysis on the customer side.
sequence_idStringUnique ID of ResponseRequiredUnique identifier used to track each request record
scoreIntegerscoreRequiredwillingness score(300-900)
resultStringDecision ResultOptional

API Status Code

301Service not purchased
302Traffic blocked
303Traffic insufficient
304Service expired
305Daily maximum volume reached
11000{Field name} input parameter empty
11001{Field name} input parameter error
11002Input parameter parsing failed
11302scenario input parameter error
11400The corresponding workflow cannot be found
11401Workflow execution error
11500System error

Request Example

    "country": "ID",
    "order_id": "123",
    "event_time": "2024-04-25T14:20:50.521+07:00",
    "product_id": "CreditWillingnessPhone",
    "policy_id": null,
    "phone_number": "0812345678",
    "gaid": null,
    "ext": null

Response Example

    "code": 200,
    "detail": null,
    "message": "Success",
    "order_id": "123",
    "result": null,
    "score": 838,
    "sequence_id": "1715242432854559I30332E092745515"