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Device Fingerprint


Unique & Persistent Digital Device

In the era of digital economy, the device risks and challenges faced by traditional and new business scenarios are more severe. Device Fingerprint is committed to accurately generating trusted device identities through only a small amount of device information. Under the trend of globalization of fraud risks, it can effectively distinguish trusted Traffic and suspicious traffic. On the basis of risk prevention and control, take into account user privacy, experience and benefits.

👉 Device Fingerprint API

Identity Verification


Accurately identify users with a frictionless experience

20% of global merchants report being affected by account fraud, and more than 30% of customers show the distrust of brands. Whether it is spam registration activity for merchants, or accounts takeover for users, all these problems will bring you huge losses like chargeback after ATO, customers’ property theft, what’s more, the damage for your brand reputation cannot be ignored. A large-scale data leak will cause negative effect on users’ trust, legal problems, and supervision, which will often interrupt your business’s upward growth immediately.

👉 Identity Verification API

Fraud Management


Prevent fraud and approve good orders

Fraud chargebacks amount accounted for 6‰ of the transaction volume and continued to explode at a growth rate of 14%+ recent years. The accompanying secondary disasters include huge profit losses, severe regulatory penalties and furthermore, if you take improper actions against fraud, the falsely declined orders of good customers will even exceed the original fraud amount, even if you pay a high price for the fraud prevention solutions. So, the key point is how to accurately identify good customers and bad guys!

👉 Fraud Management API

Promotion Abuse Prevention


Deliver the best promotion to valued customers

Your business can carry out large-scale replication and enjoy sharp growth when your promotion has a satisfying ROI. But the losses caused by marketing fraud will occupy a high proportion of your promotion costs. If the preferential benefits are accurately delivered to your potential good customers, it will bring a strong purchasing power and income increase to your subsequent business. However, when thousands of spammy customers abuse your promotion at the same time, your promotion ROI will be shattered.

👉 Promotion Abuse Prevention API