Welcome to the TD terminal SDK.

The TD terminal SDK collects device and behavior data and sends it to the server, enabling the engine to accurately identify device status and detect fraud with real-time indicators, model decisions, and atlas correlation. This ensures intelligent risk decision-making, minimizing losses, and maintaining good customer experience.


blackBoxCredential output by SDK is used for device information query, not device ID. Normally, they are 26 characters long, but after Degraded, they will expand to around 5000 characters.
appKeyThe application identifier which can be created on the TD customer platform, is necessary for the integration.
partnerCodeThe identification assigned by the TD system is important for billing, traffic, and customer management
deviceIDAccurate ID of device maintained by TD data center.
appNameThe application or channel can be created on the TD customer platform.
degradedA disaster recovery solution for network exception, which assembles device data within the SDK and outputs longer credentials (blackBox).
collisionMultiple different devices generate the same device ID.
driftA device generates multiple device IDs at different times or in different environments.


Difference between normal and degraded

Length of blackBox26around 5000
Collected datacompleteless
The real IP address of the deviceYESNO