Accurately identify users with a frictionless experience

TD's identity verification product can provide real-time risk verification for each user identity on your website or app. Our system leverages machine learning and big data to maximize its effectiveness, which is why we place great importance on the data collected during the integration process. Each piece of information is crucial for building accurate marketing models. TD's system helps you easily identify legitimate users, effectively prevent fraudulent activities, and ensure a seamless experience for honest customers.

Integration process is typically divided into two steps:


Step 1: Terminal SDK Integration

You need to integrate our SDK into your website or app. This step is crucial and necessary as it helps us gather device and behavioral data, which is used to effectively identify fraudulent and legitimate users.

Click here to see the detailed integration process: Terminal SDK Integration


Step 2: Backend API Integration

By integrating with TD's backend API, you can easily send necessary business data to our system and obtain our risk verification results, allowing you to further process the verification outcomes. Such integration provides convenience and ensures efficient handling of the risk verification process.

  • Verification API: Verification API (Required)
  • If you have any questions during the integration process, feel free to contact our dedicated expert assigned to assist you for help