iOS get appKey

How to get appKey

Please apply for appKey in account management-SDK

The application process can be roughly divided into the following four steps:

1.If you have not logged into the account, please log in to your account, as shown below:

2.After logging in, you will enter the official website console, as shown in the figure below:

3.Click [Account] - [Developer] - [SDK] - [Add] to start applying for appKey, as shown in the figure below:

4.Enter the App Name, select the Device Type iOS, and fill in the Bundle ID correctly. As shown below

Click "Save" to complete the appKey. You can see the appKey under the created application, as shown in the figure:

How to get the Bundle ID

The following provides you with two methods to obtain the Bundle Identifier.

Method 1

Xcode switches to the General tab and checks the Bundle Identifier, as shown in the following figure:

Method 2


Obtained by code, the code is as follows:

NSString *bundleIdentifier = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier];