SDK version v4.3.5.1 (2024.06.14)

  1. The Builder class added the disableOptions and enableOptions functions to expand support for adjusting the collection configuration of compliant fields
  2. Removed the customProcessName, blackBoxMaxSize, and other unused functions
  3. Fixed the known online crashes

SDK version v4.3.3 (2024.05.27)

  1. Integrated experience optimization (extended support for x86_64, error code optimization)
  2. Add OAID option: disableOaid
  3. Enhanced risk identification capabilities
  4. Fixed the crash problem of requestLocationUpdates function on some models
  5. Fix the recursive problem of nested calls to getBlackbox

SDK version v4.3.2.8 (2024.04.29)

  1. Fix Native’s occasional null pointer crash

SDK version v4.3.2.5 (2024.03.07)

  1. Compliance improved

SDK version v4.3.2.2 (2024.02.27)

  1. Enhance the ability to recognize real IP addresses

SDK version v4.3.1.3 (2023.11.13)

  1. Add demotion reason error code callback
  2. Support custom messages
  3. Enhance security
  4. support for armeabi
  5. Fix known issues

SDK version v4.2.5.1 (2023.7.10)

  1. Fix known issues

SDK version v4.2.5.0 (2023.6.19)

  1. Fix the overclocking problem
  2. Add parameter protection
  3. Optimize GPS information collection
  4. Remove subprocess check

SDK version v4.2.4.3 (2023.4.18)

  1. Add useDemotionData configuration

SDK Version v4.2.4.2 (2023.2.16)

  1. Add appKey configuration

  2. Support Builder mode

  3. Enhance risk detection capabilities

  4. Support cloud dependency

SDK Version v4.2.4.1 (2023.1.18)

  1. Optimize virtual positioning recognition

  2. Fix some crashes

  3. Optimize emulator recognition