High-Risk List

This interface can be used to query blacklist information in many countries, such as Indonesia and Mexico. And this API is realtime. Data will be return immediately based on input parameter value.

API Method

Base URL


Request MethodsContent-TypeOutput FormatCharacter Set


partner_codeStringRequiredTo be assigned by TD
partner_keyStringRequiredTo be assigned by TD

Request Parameter

phone_numberStringRequiredMobile phone number, no country code
id_numberStringRequiredId card number, For example: Indonesia: 16 digits pure numbers, Mexico: 18 digits
countryStringRequiredMexico (MX); Indonesia (ID); India (IN); Thailand (TH); Colombia (CO);Philippines (PH); Nigeria (NG); Pakistan (PK); Vietnam (VN)
id_typeStringRequiredEnumerated value:national_id
(Philippine ID type: UMID, SSS card, Passport, Driver's license, PRC ID ,Potal ID, PhilHealth, AFP ID, HDMF ID, ACR/ICR, GSIS card, TIN, Seaman's book, OWWA ID, Voter's ID)
package_nameStringRequiredEnumerated value:blacklist

Response Parameter

codeIntegerAPI status code
messageStringStatus informationThe specific cause of the exception is displayed when the API is in an abnormal state
sequence_idStringResponse unique codeA unique identifier used to track the record of each request
resultStringHit or notEnumerated values: hit\ no_record

API Status Code

200Success, no message is returned
301This service has not been purchasedService not purchased
302The traffic has been disabledService has been suspend
303UnderflowNot enough balance
304Service expiredService expired
305The daily traffic has been cappedThe daily traffic has been capped
9060{parameter} empty{parameter} empty
9061{parameter} error{parameter} error

Hit Request Example

    "code": 200,
    "result": "hit",
    "sequence_id": "1699272744735016I303341798930550"

Non-hit Request Example

"result": "no_record",
"sequence_id": "75ccadf47dab4c81a06e6f0da746cd9c"

Failed Example

    "code": 9060,
    "message": " country empty"