ID Verification -Indonesia

ID verification is used to verify the ID information in Indonesia.

API Method

Base URL


URLRequest MethodsContent-TypeOutput FormatCharacter Set
partner_codeStringPartner CodeRequiredAssigned by TD
partner_keyStringPartner KeyRequiredAssigned by TD


id_numberStringID typeRequiredID number
id_typeStringID numberRequiredEnumeration: KTP
phone_numberStringPhone numberRequiredBeginning with 08, 10 to 13, example: 081234567890
countryStringCountryRequired2-letter country code according to ISO 3166
Support: ID(Indonesia)

Request Example


Response Parameter

codeIntegerAPI status codeRequired
messageStringStatus InformationRequiredApecific abnormal reasons will be provided when the API is abnormal
sequence_idStringUnique response codeRequiredA unique ID used to track each request
1. success
2. fail
3. no record
reasonStringReasonConditionally Required, when result=fail/ no recordWhen result=fail:

1. The NIK does not match with the phone number
2. The NIK does not match with the name
3. The NIK does not match with both name and phone number

When result=no record :

1. No record for the ID number
2. No record for the phone number

API Status Code

Code MessageDescriptionCharged
301Service not purchasedService not purchasedNO
302Traffic blockedTraffic blockedNO
303Traffic insufficientTraffic insufficientNO
304Service expiredService expiredNO
305Daily maximum volume reachedDaily maximum volume reachedNO
600Service Temporarily UnavailableService reached limitNO
11350Internal errorInternal errorNO
11301{parameter} empty{parameter} emptyNO
11304The country partner located is not openThe country partner located is not openNO
11340{parameter} error{parameter} errorNO

Response Example

  • Success
 "code": 200,
 "message": "success",
 "sequence_id": "1648777165770866F82AC7F326307055",
 "result": "pass" 
  • Failure
    "message":"phone_number error"