Credit Scoring

This solution provides a concise summary of an applicant's creditworthiness, enabling lenders to make well-informed decisions efficiently.

API Method

Base URL


URLRequest MethodsContent-TypeOutput FormatCharacter Set


partner_codeStringPartner CodeRequiredassigned by TD
partner_keyStringPartner KeyRequiredassigned by TD


id_numberStringID numberRequiredID number,KTP
id_typeStringID typeRequiredID type enumeration value:
National ID card: national_id
countryStringCountryRequiredTwo-digit country code, compliant with ISO 3166 standard.
Currently supported: Indonesia (ID)
phone_numberStringPhone numberRequiredIndonesia only supports 10-13 pure numbers and + sign. Plain text only supports the following as the beginning: + 628, 628, 8, 08
app_nameStringApp nameStrongly recommended
package_nameStringPackage nameRequiredEnumeration value:
Only one can be uploaded.
device_idStringDevice IDStrongly recommendedIt is strongly recommended to fill in the fingerprint if accessing the device.
apply_timeStringapplication timeConditionally requiredRequired when selecting finscore_5_1_1.
Complies with ISO 8601 standard, format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ, for example, 2021-10-12T14:20:50.521+07:00
gaidStringGoogle Advertising IDConditionally requiredRequired when selecting td_device_credit_score

Response Parameter

codeIntegerAPI status code
messageStringStatus informationIn the API exception state, the specific exception reason will be output.
sequence_idStringResponse unique codeUnique identifier used to track each request record
package_nameStringPackage name
scoreStringPackage scoreThe meaning of the special value of the score :
- 1111: Unable to calculate
detailsObjectModel detailsOnly existing for td_device_credit_score
indicator_nameStringIndicator nameOnly existing for td_device_credit_score, please contact us for the data dictionary.
indicator_valueStringIndicator Only existing for td_device_credit_score

API Interface Response Code

300Service not purchased or not effectiveService not purchased or not effective
301Service not purchasedService not purchased
302Service has been suspendService has been suspend
303Not enough balanceNot enough balance
304Service expiredService expired
9500Internal errorInternal error
9060{parameter} empty{parameter} empty
9061{parameter} error{parameter} error
9055The country partner located has no serviceThere is no service in your country/region
9050No recordNo record

Response Example-Success

            "package_name": "finscore_4_3_1",

Response Example for td_device_credit_score


No record Example for td_device_credit_score

    "message":"No record",

Failed Example

    "code": 9061,
    "message": "country error",