Risk Retrieval Model

The risk retrieval model API is used to automatically push the risk data produced by the TD risk retrieval model to the API address you subscribe to, so that your business system can perform further operations after receiving the results. For example, canceling the user's loan application before the credit result is released, etc.

TD will produce risk retrieval data on T+1 and push the retrieved data to you through this API every morning.

API Format

Base URL

The subscription API address you provide to TD.


URLHTTP MethodRequest Content TypeResponse Content TypeCharset


partner_codeStringPartner CodeRequiredAssigned by TD
timestampStringCurrent timestampRequiredMillisecond level
access_keyStringAccess keyRequiredAssigned by TD

Sign generation method

sign = HmacSHA1(partner_code+timestamp+access_key,access_secret)

access_secret is assigned by TD


Parameter nameValueRequired/Optional

Request Parameters For Push Notifications

id_typeStringID document typeRequiredEnumeration value:1. identity_card2. passport3. driving_licence4. birth_certificate5. others
id_numberStringID numberRequired
country_codeIntegerCountry codeRecommendComplies with the International Telecommunication Union E.164 standard, without the + sign and the prefix 0, such as 86
phone_numberStringPhone numberRequired
sequence_idStringOriginal request sequence idRequiredIf it interfaces with TrustGuard, the value is TrustGuard id.
result_typeStringResult typeRequiredSuch as: fraud
reasonStringRisk reasonRequiredBlack sample correlation, gang anomalies, etc.

Request Example For Push Notifications

  "sequence_id": "164877716577086****6307055",
  "phone_number": "861234***5",
  "name": "Jack Simth",
  "id_number": "xxxxx",
  "result_type": "fraud",
  "reason": "black association"

Response Parameters

Parameters that your business system needs to respond to after receiving a push request

codeIntegerAPI status codeRequired
messageStringStatus messageRequiredIn the API exception state, the specific exception reason will be output.

API Status Code


Response Example

  "code": 200,
  "message": ""

Note: If the status code you return is not 200, we will retry 3 times. If we fail 3 times, we will not push the data any more.